Hi & welcome 👋

I’ve always been a natural storyteller and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Being paid to write is one of my greatest life accomplishments. Marry that with a love for problem solving and a deeply empathetic personality – enter User Experience. Everyday I use the power of language to create experiences that are both easy to use and delightful.

I have 10+ years of experience working in content, and have worked for Expedia, Getty Images, Amazon and Meta. Currently I’m a Senior Content Designer working on Facebook Marketplace, an ecommerce platform. I’ve executed across many focus areas including ads, metrics, fashion, sustainability, and signal collection to name a few. 

I have experience with information architecture, taxonomy, terminology, product naming, localization, writing for accessibility, writing for metrics, content testing, brainstorming, content patterns, standards, and voice & tone. I drive for content impact on every team I’m on and have worked hard to evangelize the importance of content in the product development process.

I currently work remotely from my office in the mostly sunny – sometimes humid Raleigh, North Carolina. Outside of work I’m a mom, Peloton junkie, music lover and wish I was hiking kind of gal.

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If you’re looking to reach me, you can find me on Linkedin.

If you’re looking for career advice or mentorship, I offer free mentoring through UX Coffee Hours.