Content Design @ Getty Images


Here are samples of Content Design work during my time with Getty Images.

Contributor Style Guide

Role: Content Designer
Tools: Microsoft Word, SharePoint
Skills: Writing & editing, competitive analysis, leading brainstorms

The problem

While working at Getty Images I noticed that we often spoke with contributors like customers, and it was causing friction.

As the Content Manager of the Contributor Relations team, I saw first hand how an inconsistent and misguided tone can create distrust with the community. With so many different teams writing copy for contributors, I saw how our story was confusing to the intended audience.

The solution

To create consistency in our story, and keep teams aligned on how we talk with contributors, I created the company’s first Contributor Style Guide.


First, I used the company brand guidelines as the foundation for the guide.

After creating my initial recommendations, I performed multiple brainstorming sessions across all teams that write contributor facing copy. I allowed all stakeholders to have a voice in what would become the Contributor Style Guide. There were a lot of debates on the Word List and everyone had a chance to justify their opinion.

The main sections of the Style Guide covered topics like:

  • Voice and Tone. We were not selling them product, we needed a voice and tone that showed empathy, thought leadership, and professionalism.
  • Guidance on how to successfully write different types of copy, like newsletters, trigger emails, social media posts, and instructional guides.
  • Word List. One team calls it a photo, another says it’s a creative still, and the app refers to it as an image but which one is it? The Word List is a concrete glossary so there’s no question around which terms we use.


The guide was distributed via an internal SharePoint document, along with a form to request changes. I re-socialize the Style Guide on a quarterly basis.

Please send me a request to view the Contributor Style Guide.

Writing Samples

As a Content Designer, it’s my job to explain complex ideas and concepts in plain and simple language. Users should easily understand the content, know where they can get help, and if done right, not be left with any lingering questions.

Here are some samples of my writing.

What is Stock?

At Getty Images, we need to explain the stock industry to new contributors. Some of their common points of confusion are:

  • What does it mean for someone to license my content?
  • What is royalty-free licensing?
  • Where can I learn more about the stock industry?


As a Getty Images contributor, keywording is one of the most important things you’ll do, other than creating content.

The concept of disambiguating keywords is almost always misunderstood by users. We have an FAQ that explains this concept poorly.

My definition of disambiguation is

Remember, some keywords have multiple meanings, and you’ll need to select the right one.